SPM Chapter2 1

Video TutorialEdit

SPM Tut - Chapter 2

SPM Tut - Chapter 2

Chapter 2-1Edit

Tips and Tricks (watch tutorial)Edit

In second area with Paragoombas, flip to 3d upon entering. Go to the right, then flip back into 2d. Hop on top of the ? block and flip back into 3d. While flailing in midair, jump onto the platform and enter the pipe.

In area with four doors in a row above and a Rawbus, you can jump onto the head of the Rawbus before it fully extends to shortcut to the four doors above. Enter the far right door and use Thoreau to throw Boomer to the blue switch above to make the final door appear outside.

Super Paper Mario Life Shroom Jump 2-1-0

Super Paper Mario Life Shroom Jump 2-1-0

Life Shroom Extra Jump Boomer SkipEdit

In the same room where the blue switch is (far right door of four doors), you can do a Life Shroom jump to make it through the hole in the ground in 3d and hit the blue switch, thus skipping Boomer. This is even tougher to do than the bridge skip in 1-2, as the height of the jump is more strict to get down. If you skip Boomer in 2-1, you will have him back at the beginning of 2-2.

Chapter 2-2Edit

Tips and Tricks (watch tutorial)Edit

Go to the top right door to enter the spiked ceiling room. On the far side of the room in 3d, it is possible to jump from the spiked ceiling onto the ? block onto the platform to reach the key much earlier.

Chapter 2-3Edit

Code for vault is 4126-2816.

Chapter 2-4Edit

Tips and Tricks (watch tutorial)Edit

Enter left door. Enter next door. Jump onto duplicators on left to reach top left door. Talk to Merlee and reveal Mimi. Walk under legs and enter door. Slim through cracks and enter door. Enter top right door. Enter top right door. Enter top left door. Reveal staircase in room with Big Boo and enter door at top. Enter female restroom. Open third stall from left.

When at the first Merlee questionaire, say "yes", then say "no."

Post Chapter 2Edit

Nothing remarkable to note.