SPM Chapter5 1

Video TutorialEdit

SPM Tut -Chapter 5

SPM Tut -Chapter 5

Chapter 5-1Edit

First block combination: L R M

Second block combination: M R L L R M R L R R M R R L M M L L L R L L L M M

Second block combination Thudley jump skipEdit

You can avoid doing the second block combination by Thudley jumping over the wall to the right of it and walking straight to the end of chapter block. It takes about 6-8 Thudley jumps though, and it only saves about 30 seconds. It is not recommended for single segment unless you can do it perfectly.

5-1 Skip the block pattern

5-1 Skip the block pattern

Chapter 5-2Edit

Tablet order: Stone, Water, Fire

Quick Level-Up TrickEdit

At the beginning of the chapter, you can use the Piranhas and the Squigs to grind for 200k points in about 2 minutes. You can also use the Pokeys to make this faster, but it's much more difficult to execute.

5-2 Quick Level-Up Trick

5-2 Quick Level-Up Trick

Chapter 5-3Edit

Tips and Tricks (watch tutorial)Edit

Riding the carts will always be shorter than walking/riding Carrie (maybe Dashell would be faster, but n/a in any%).

In the long hallway with Spanias and Buzzy Beetles and Piranha Plants, grab the fast shroom in the second solid block that you see and use that to go all the way to the end of the hall on your first trip.

For the middle room's cart ride, remember to flip into 3d and go left while on cart.

You can jump across one of the gaps with Carrie (don't have to switch to Peach) in the room that one of the workers is in.

Chapter 5-4Edit

Tips and Tricks (watch tutorial)Edit

Moving while shrunk is slower. When you don't have to use Dottie, don't use Dottie. If you're in a small alcove to enter with Dottie, become big again while in alcove (if you know that you no longer need Dottie after exiting alcove).

Thudley Jump Skip to O'Cabbage Fight FasterEdit

After entering keycard door, Thudley jump up and to the right. Takes 1-2 jumps. Allows you to enter in the back way into the O'Cabbage fight and skip a room.

Post Chapter 5Edit

Tips and Tricks (watch tutorial)Edit

Rather than use Dottie to fit in the small gap while crossing bridge in 3d, use Carrie and hold down+left while jumping. You should find yourself somewhat floating in midair. You can jump again and over the barricade.

Grab the Power Plus in B2 of Flopside Outskirts if you didn't grind before then. Use it.