SPM Chapter6 1

Video TutorialEdit

SPM Tut - Chapter 6

SPM Tut - Chapter 6

Chapter 6-1Edit

Tips and Tricks (watch tutorial!!!)Edit

20 Sammer Guys. Two strategies that take roughly around the same time and can have about the same amount of risk:

  • Mario + Cudge. Don't switch to Carrie in between fights. When Sammer Guy gets close, smash. Run back and hit again if you need to.
  • Bowser + Carrie: Use Carrie in between fights to travel. Spam fire breath. Some competitors may move back faster than others; if so, just wait for them to come closer before using fire breath. Can also use stair strategy, which is pushing them back to stairs and using fire breath there.

Some Sammer Guys jump starting on Round 3, so be aware. Sammer Guy's 10 and 20 are always huge. Sammer Guy 13 always shoots sword beams. Sammer Guy 18 is always small, and you will want to take a hit if you can before trying to attack him. If using Bowser + Carrie, helps to back 18 into stairs.

After fight 20, regardless of who you had out, switch to Bowser + Carrie and travel to the end.

Chapter 6-2Edit

Watch the tutorial video. Mimi fight can troll excessively, especially if you do less than 10 damage per attack with Bowser.

Chapter 6-1, revisitEdit

Use Carrie to travel. Takes 1.5 minutes holding right and jumping over one obstacle.

For Brobot L-Type, two possible strategies, both of which can take around the same amount of time:

  • Use Mario + Boomer and use Mighty Tonic at beginning. Flip to 3d and use Boomer to damage Brobot L-Type.
  • Use Bowser + Thudley and jump on Brobot L-Type's nose.

Post Chapter 6, UnderwhereEdit

Tips and Tricks (watch tutorial)Edit

In the two-story area, jump on the first pipe (from far right) you see to the left with Luigi. Switch to Mario and flip. With a running start, you can make the jump to the left platform. Skips a good portion of that area.