Chapter 5 (Part 2)Edit

Go to Pirate's Grotto.

Use Yoshi to cross the floor spikes

Use Yoshi hover to go past the Bullet Bill Blaster

Go up the cliffs and head left. Use Koops to hit the “!” switch. Get the key and head back down to the locked door in the save block room.

Use tube mode to get by the wall spikes. Use Bobbery to blast away the wooden planks.

You can dodge the first set of Bullet Bill Blasters by using Paper Mode on the north wall. You can dodge the second set by doing the same on the south wall. Equip Ice Power while in this room.

Talk to black chest.

Embers fight. Mario: Multibounce. Yoshi: Ice Storm.

Get Boat Curse. Swap Back to Yoshi. Go into the loading zone in Paper Mode and you can dodge the Blasters the same way. Go back to Poshley Heights. Go to Poshley Sanctum. Spring Jump up on the poles to reveal the pipe. Grab the Garnet Star. Leave Sanctum.

Post Chapter 6 - Peach/Bowser SegmentsEdit

With Peach, go right.

With Bowser, avoid damage and go right. Grab meat. Get hit by the fire bar to avoid being hit by the X-Naut. Hit the spring at the end and finish the level.

Post Chapter 6 - Rogueport - Rogueport SewersEdit

Go straight to TTYD. Talk to Frankly. Go to the Trouble Center (pay Gus). Take on Frankie’s trouble (4th from bottom).

Get Ultra Hammer. Get 999 coins from Lumpy.

Talk to Frankie about the trouble. Go to Chet Rippo in the sewers. Raise BP, lower HP. Spring jump to get the wedding ring. Talk to Professor Frankly to learn about Fahr Outpost. Give Frankie the wedding ring to get the gold card. Go to Pianta Parlor and buy exactly 204 piantas. Buy 6 Power Rushes from the Pianta Parlor (3rd from bottom)

Badge Menu - Press R, Unequip Power Plus. Equip Power Bounce, Equip all 6 Power Rushes, Unequip Ice Power. Go to Fahr Outpost.

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