SPM Chapter7 1

Video TutorialEdit

SPM Tut - Chapter 7

SPM Tut - Chapter 7

Chapter 7-1Edit

Nothing remarkable to note.

Chapter 7-2Edit

Dorguy #1's quiz: 1st, 2nd, and 2nd options.

Dorguy #2's quiz: 3rd, 2nd, 1st, 1st, and 1st options.

Underchomp fight: Use Shooting Star you got in 4-3.

Chapter 7-3Edit

Black fruit is on Cloud 53. Red fruit is on cloud 46. Peach is on Cloud 43. Use black fruit on Peach. Use red fruit on cloud towards very end.

Thudley Jump Skipping PeachEdit

You can use Squig bullets + Thudley jumps + Super jumps to skip Peach altogether in this area. Keep in mind that doing so will not allow the cloud at the end to spawn, so you will not be able to give the red fruit to him. You will have to make a massive series of Thudley jumps upwards instead. Some of the jumps between clouds only require super jumps though. Peach will appear back in your party in the following chapter or shortly thereafter.

Chapter 7-4Edit

Tips and Tricks (watch tutorial)Edit

Go right and across and under to the door. Get the key, go back to the previous area, and unlock door.

You can either Thudley jump up to where the Overator takes you (about 4-6 Thudley jumps), or you can go to the end and free the operator of the Overator. If you can do Thudley jumps fairly consistently, just Thudley jump.

Super Paper Mario - 7-4 Rainbow Bridge Skip using Thudley infinite jump glitch

Super Paper Mario - 7-4 Rainbow Bridge Skip using Thudley infinite jump glitch

Rainbow Bridge Skip

Rainbow Bridge Skip Using Thudley JumpsEdit

This is one of the hardest yet most rewarding skips to do, as it can save around 10 minutes overall. Go to the area past the pedestal where you would normally place the three orbs. Thudley jump skip both horizontally and vertically. It takes anywhere from 5-8 jumps to make it.

Post Chapter 7Edit

Place Pure Heart in Flopside Floor 2 Outskirts. DON'T USE RETURN PIPE. Walk to the elevator to the door to Chapter 8.