Log Skip is a sequence break that allows Mario to "escape" chapter 1 without completing it. The glitches utilizes out of bounds Loading Zone Storage in order to skew the angle that Mario enters the loading zone leading to southern Toad Town. After Mario takes the skewed loading zone, Mario lands in southern Toad Town out of bounds, and is able to bypass the fallen logs. Log skip is performed after obtaining Bombette in both the any% and any% no wrong warp categories.

How It Works Edit

In order to perform Log Skip, Mario must first perform a simple glitch called "Rowf clip" in order to get out of bounds near the Badge shop in Toad Town. Mario can then jump into the loading zone from out of bounds, and perform Loading Zone Storage. After this, you can perform a series of precise controller angles in order to skew the angle at which Mario enters the southern Toad Town loading zone. After Mario takes the loading zone, he will be out of bounds and will fall past the logs, allowing Mario to proceed past Chapter 1.

The following resources will help you learn Log Skip:

Log Skip has the following events:

  • Allows Mario to skip the remaining portion of Chapter 1 after retrieving Bombette.
  • Mario will be unable to obtain Speedy Spin until Chapter 2 is triggered.
  • Restricts Mario from getting the "Refresh" Star Spirit power until the "completion" of another chapter.

Why It Works Edit

Log Skip is a form of out of bounds Loading Zone Storage.

Alternate Methods Edit

While Log Skip is typically performed with out of bounds Loading Zone Storage, it is also possible to perform Log Skip by utilizing in-bounds Loading Zone Storage. This method of Log skip is faster than the "normal" method, but it is also much more difficult. This method of Log Skip is notable for being used in the Paper Mario any% TAS.