Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is the 4th installment in the Mario & Luigi series on the Nintendo 3DS. Because it is on the 3ds, it is a little more difficult to capture this game except through the use of some sort of capture device. A good speedrun of this will take around 7~9 Hours

RTA Timing is done from the start of the file to the stats screen after the scredits

Game Time is very accurate, start of file to the end of the credits, and could be used as proof for the people without a capture device

Tricks GlossaryEdit

Early Hammers: Video Same skip is used to get to grobot early

Skipping Dozing Sands: Video

Small Skip in Mt. Pajamaja: Video

Somnom Tracks Skip: Video

Tree Board early and Grobot Skip: Video

Version DifferencesEdit

Some version differences can be found on TMK.


  • Any%, by DhrGR (Covers very basic stuff, still improvable)
  • Any%, by Chibinekodemyx (un-organized, also image links broke, Improvable) *OUTDATED*