Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time (Mario & Luigi RPG 2x2 in Japan) is the second game in the Mario & Luigi series, and sequel to Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.

Notable RunsEdit

Tricks GlossaryEdit

Skip Battleship Fight and Cellar (from Anwonu's 4:07 above)

After unlocking the ! block in Shroob's Castle, you can go to the pipe in the next room and perform a trick. You must release the babies on to the pipe, and put them as far left (or right) as possible. Then jump up on there with the adults and spin the babies on to the rim of the upper platform. This allows you to proceed to activating the last pipe, and from there, you can finish the game without doing the entire battleship/cellar portion.

Money Glitch

By Selling the last of an item then selecting another item to sell on the first frame the possible, you can sell the new item at the price of the old one.

Yoshi's Island Fire Skip 

In the fire areas of Yoshi's Island you can do a couple of persice spin jumps to skip puting out the fires.

Version DifferencesEdit

Some version differences can be found on TMK.


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