Prologue: A Plea from the Stars

The prologue is mainly movement based. Important aspects involve coin collecting, avoiding tutorials, performing quick jumps, dodging encounters on Goomba Road, and Black Toad/Merlon skip.

Basic TricksEdit

Quick Jumps Edit

"Quick Jumps" are short cutscene skips that occur in battle. Performing a quick jump prevents Mario from performing his crouching animation before jumping on an enemy. Quick jumps work different during the prologue, as you can simply mash the 'A' Button without penalty prior to getting the Action Command as opposed to after getting the Action Command you will need to accurately time the 'A' Button press when performing a quick jump.

Avoiding Encounters in Prologue Edit

Avoiding encounters in the beginning of the game is essential so that you do not risk losing any coins. Due to Goomba Road being incredibly narrow, combined with the lack of the Speedy Spin badge, these are some of the most difficult encounters to avoid in the entire game.

Skips and Glitches Edit

Black Toad Skip and Merlon skip

After receiving the Lucky Star from Twink, Mario reenters Toad Town and must pass a group of Black Toads blocking his way. Normally Mario would have to talk to the Black Toads, sit through a long cutscene with Merlon, and then sit through another cutscene with Merlon and the black toads before being able to proceed. Instead of this, you can perform one of the two versions of Black Toad skip, or Merlon skip in order skip some or all of these cutscenes, thus saving time. Both forms of Black Toad skip save significantly more time than Merlon skip, however it is also significantly more difficult to perform and can be an early run killer. It is advised that Merlon skip is used only after you attempt to learn Black Toad Skip. This skip is used for all glitched categories.

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