638px-PM2 Prologue


Fight Crump: Timed jump attack. Attempt superguard. Timed jump attack. If failed counter, try again. If failed again, normal jump.

Go to left side in town after getting Goombella. Crush contact lens. Go into shop and order a new one. Buy 2 Fire Flowers and 7 Fright Masks.

Go right. Get money stolen. Talk to Frankly. Get map. Go outside and down to Frankly. DON'T MASH B! PICK FIRST OPTION FOR TUTORIAL QUESTION. Mash B after that to say no to avoid tutorial. Go in pipe.

Rogueport SewersEdit

Three goomba fight: Use Fright Mask.

After going in next pipe, avoid the goomba by jumping around/over it. Skip paragoomba. Avoid spike goomba by jumping over it, walking around it. Smash yellow block covering pipe. Go in pipe.

In next room, hit hidden ? block for Pretty Lucky badge directly south of the Puni hole. Go up stairs. Drop down left for key. Go back up into door. Free curse to get paper airplane. Go back out and paper airplane into room with thousand year door.

Rogueport (2)Edit

Say no to the tutorial twice (mash B). Get the Power Smash badge. Say no to tutorial twice again (mash B). Equip the Power Smash badge. Go back down pipe into sewers.

Rogueport Sewers (2)Edit

Go right and use airplane to cross gap. Enter next room and hammer tentacle.

Fight Blooper: Switch to Goombella and use Fire Flower. Mario uses untimed Power Smash. Timed headbonk. Timed Power Smash if Blooper didn't get hit by a hazard.

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