Quick Escape is a short skip in Chapter 3 that allows Mario to skip traveling down the eastern staircase in Tubba Blubbas Castle. By using a Parakarry Clip on the second floor of the lobby, Mario is able to drop directly to the bottom floor. If done incorrectly, Quick Escape can result in a softlock.

How it worksEdit

After taking the key to Windy Mill, and initaing the Castle Escape sequence, Mario should exit Tubba Blubbas bedroom and proceed the 3rd floor of the lobby. A cutscene will then trigger where Tubba Blubba breaks the platform that Mario is standing on, and Mario will drop to the second floor. Mario should then enter the eastern staircase, and immediately return back the the broken platform on2the second floor of the lobby. Mario should then position himself here [INSERT LINK HERE], facing right, and use parakarry. Mario will then clip through the platform and land on the bottom floor. Mario can then exit Tubba Blubbas Castle and proceed to Gusty gulch.