Stair-Switch Skip (aka Chapter 1 Staircase Skip) is a two part skip that allows Mario to skip a "required" encounter as well as a short cutscenes. The first part of the skip allows Mario to fall out of bounds into the basement without lowering the staircase, while the second part of the skip allows Mario to escape the basement. To perform the first part of Stair-Switch Skip, Mario must position himself at the southern edge of the top of the staircase. Mario can then jump and fall against the side of the staircase into the basement.

How it Works Edit

Entering the basement Edit

The first part of stair-switch skips involves falling out of bounds into basement of Koopa Bros Fortress. Below is a step by step guide of how to enter the basement:

  • Begin by positioning Mario at the top of the staircase, standing on the very bottom edge of the top step, as seen here [INSERT LINK HERE]
  • Mario must then jump and move slightly down, so that Mario begins to fall to the floor, and then move slightly up while falling so that Mario is falling against the staircase. Mario will then fall out of bounds through a small hole in the floor.
  • Once Mario has fallen out of bounds past the first floor, hold down so that Mario lands in the basement. If you do not hold down soon enough, Mario will continue to fall out of bound, but he will respawn in the basement (this is fine, but significantly slower).
  • After landing in the basement, Mario is able to proceed down the basement corridor as normal.

Escaping the basement Edit

After retrieving the Key from the basement corridor, Mario should return to the staircase room where he must clip back upstairs. Below is a step by step guide of how to escape the basement:

  • Begin by positioning Mario here [INSERT IMAGE HERE].
  • Mario can now move to the right along the edge of the void. Position Mario approximately here [INSERT IMAGE HERE].
  • Mario should then jump slightly up of full right and hold this angle (about halfway between up and up-right). If performed correctly, Mario will then respawn on the second floor corridor inside a door.
  • Mario can then exit the door area and trigger the door normally, allowing Mario to enter the spiral staircase area, and proceed normally with the rest of Koopa Bros Fortress.

Videos Edit

  • Video Tutorial of Stair-Switch skip by GigaDB [INSERT VIDEO LINK HERE]

Why It Works Edit

The initial part of stair-switch skip works because bad hitboxes that allow Mario to jump out of bounds through a "paper thin" gap. The second part of the trick works because Mario is not intended to be in the basement when the staicase is not lowered, allowing Mario to jump out of bounds.