Running this game involves getting 100 consecutive jumps with Super Jump so that you can get the ultimate items and plow through the remainder of the game. Good RTA time is around 3 hours.

Tricks GlossaryEdit

100 JumpsEdit

Good luck.

Mack SkipEdit

Watch the video by 0xwas:

Super Mario RPG - Mack Skip

Super Mario RPG - Mack Skip

Perfect BlockEdit

Depending on the frame you defend, you receive less damage. There is a 5-frame window of perfect blocking where you receive 0 damage from an attack.

There are still some attacks that are unblockable, i.e. some physical and all magic attacks.

Version DifferencesEdit

Japanese has faster text. From Cyghfer, quoted from SDA thread: "The Japanese version is ~8:42.75 faster. Check this page for full details. To convert from SDA (U) timing to approximate RTA / Nico (J) timing, add 4:05 to the time. Thanks to Krystal and 0xwas. (note: this is slightly outdated, will update eventually)."

I'm sure there are other differences.

Tips For RunningEdit

  • Learn how to Super Jump. If you can't do 100 consecutive jumps, then learn how to.
  • Learn how to Geno Whirl.